5 Tips To Help Choose The Perfect Wedding Theme

There are many days in our life we will remember for a lifetime but perhaps the most important is our wedding day. It is a day that we look forward to for years and when it is approaching, there is a lot of planning that takes place. In fact, many couples will plan everything down to the tiniest of details, because they want the day to go off without a hitch.

Although it is possible to get caught up in the small details of the wedding, it sometimes pays to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. That is why many couples will consider the theme of the wedding before they move forward with any serious planning. The following 5 tips can help you to choose the wedding theme that will be best for you.

It’s all about the location

One of the first things to consider when choosing a theme is the location of the wedding. It should reflect your personal likes and dislikes, although you may be somewhat limited by what is actually available. Once you have the location nailed down, you will be locked into a specific set of plans. There may be some wiggle room but the location will often dictate the theme to a large extent.

Search onlinepinterest-lettter-tiles

Most couples want their wedding to be unique but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some inspiration online. There are many areas to search but perhaps the best is Pinterest. You can find more wedding theme ideas than you can possibly imagine on that website and each of them is going to have their own, unique flair. Plan on setting aside plenty of time for Pinterest; it is addicting!

Spend some time alone

Sometimes, we get so tied into our busy lives that we can’t see beyond the end of our nose. If you are looking to do some serious soul searching, spend some time alone. You can do this by yourself or with your significant other. Doing so gives your mind the opportunity to unwind and explore the options.

Keep a journal

If you are just starting out in the planning process, start a wedding journal. A gift list, caterers, the minister, and the DJ for your wedding are just a few things you’ll want to start thinking about.You are likely to have many ideas as the days and weeks move along. It would be a shame for any of those ideas to get lost in the mix. Journaling can also help to free the mind and it gives you something to look back on; years after the wedding day is history.

Get some help

Nobody said you have to do this on your own. Sometimes, it helps to get some help. Ask a trusted friend or family member for some time and bounce ideas off of them. Just make sure they are close enough to you to give an honest opinion.


Choosing a wedding theme can be difficult, but it can also be fun. Make it part of the experience and enjoy every step of the planning process.