Wedding Cost Saving Tips And Tricks

Cost-Saving Tips

Planning a wedding on a budget can be quite a challenge. Although you may have been saving for the wedding for some time now, you still need to plan carefully to avoid spending more than you anticipated.  There are always those costs that you hadn’t considered!  Discussed below are a few tips to consider on how to stay on budget and save on costs.

Give yourself time to plan the wedding

While a last-minute wedding may help you save some money, you could save a lot more if you had enough time to prepare for the same. Unless you are running against time, it would be advisable to take all the time at your disposal to plan for the wedding slowly. Take advantage of the various offers available to buy supplies and other essentials before setting the wedding date.

Set the wedding any day but a Saturday

Saturday is the most popular day for weddings, which means most venues will be booked already, or charge a fortune for any event. You can however avoid the huge expense by setting the wedding day to be a Friday, Sunday, Wednesday, but not on Saturday.

Plan for a small bridal party

While you may want all your besties by your side on the big day, it would be best to limit the number to cut down on costs. A smaller bridal party (say six besties) will cost you much less than having double the number. Be sure to communicate the reason for this with your besties – some of them may opt to foot their own bills.

Rent or borrow a wedding dress

The wedding dress and other types of jewelry can take up up to half the wedding cost. Instead of spending several thousand dollars on a dress that will only be worn for a few hours, you could go for rental wedding dresses instead. Most wedding planners have these on offer. Doing this will save you thousands of dollars in return.

Use the same venue for the ceremony and reception

Much of the money will go to renting wedding and reception venues. Using an all-encompassing site would, however, be an excellent way to cut down on such costs. Using the same place for the wedding during the day, and reception later during the day will save you both hire and traveling costs. You can also look for venues that allow outside catering. This is especially important if you can find affordable caterers to take care of the food during the wedding.

Check out the video above for some more cost saving ideas that I found to be useful!  Good luck 🙂