Five Of The Top Wedding Trends for 2017

Ready or not, spring is in the air and that means wedding season is on its way. If you are trying to plan an upcoming wedding, be it your own or for someone you love, you want to make sure that your ceremony and events are on-trend. To that end, keep reading to learn 5 of the top wedding trends in 2017.

Whimsical themes

Many modern weddings are not the stoic, straight-laced, traditional affairs that older guests might expect. In fact, many parents and grandparents might even shake their heads. However, that’sballoons not stopping a lot of couples from drawing inspiration from things like their favorite movies. This extends even to seating arrangements, which are sometimes done with the chairs placed in a spiral, so that everyone has a front row seat as the bride and groom pass by. Many weddings are also now using balloons galore as a way to add a festive, airy feeling of fanciful color.

A rustic afternoon

For many, a wedding day is actually a rare chance to get out of the city and away from the hustle and bustle. From homespun barn weddings to nature-infused themes using lanterns and branches, this is a great way to keep things simple and basic. It also has the advantage being easy on a budget in many cases, and some families even match the theme by having the wedding dinner at a local Cracker Barrel or similar country-style restaurant.

Purely romantic

There’s nothing wrong with going for sheer romance in your wedding ceremony. Think things like crystal chandeliers, ornate floral arrangements, and candlelit ceremonies. An evening or dusk wedding-candlesceremony with lanterns hung from trees and perhaps even fireflies makes for a summer memory like no other. Have the bride walk down a path of rose petals for an unparalleled trip.

A vintage feel

This particular trend is not native to 2017, but it’s still going quite strong. For many couples, nothing says romance quite like being surrounded by old-world items. Think about being driven off in a classic or antique car rented for the day, or even ride in it throughout your honeymoon. Use the vintage vibe to tell the world your marriage will stand the test of time, and honor the two families being joined by incorporating heirlooms from both families.

Overly dramatic

Impressive decor with luxurious designs are the order of the day in this category. Many examples feature abundant lighting from more sources than the eye can count. If you can’t get enough ideas from Pinterest boards regarding this school of thought, check out episodes of My Fair Wedding for David Tutera’s obviously influential work. Many of these affairs look the kind of place that James Bond might walk in the door any moment in his tux, looking for his shaken not stirred martini. These sorts of environments have the level of decor that looks like it should have fireworks going off overhead, and many couples do just that.

Even if you’re planning in advance for a 2018 wedding, knowing the 5 top wedding trends of 2017 lets you know where the modern standards are so you can either set a higher bar or bounce off them for ideas and inspiration.