Choosing A Wedding DJ

It’s pretty easy to find a DJ because so many people say they are one. However, there are only a few that aren’t terrible in most areas. Here you can find out how to choose a wedding DJ that can do their job well and that is worth the price.

Search Online


Try looking up DJs online so you can see if there are any in the area that you know are good. Maybe you have heard from family or friends on social media that a particular one is great at what they do. Either way, make a list of each professional DJ you find so you can then go over it and see what each one is going to be like. Don’t pick one until you have done research on two or three of them first.

Watch some Videos

If you can find a video of someone doing DJ work, that would be a good idea. Some people may have a video of their work on their website if the couple that

got married allows them to. Some DJs may be new, but they may have a few videos of them doing their work or maybe a recording. It may even be good to ask to meet up with the person to see what kind of equipment they have and to ask to see a sample of what you can expect them to do at the wedding.

newly-married-dancingWeddings are supposed to be all about the couple and making sure the guests are focused on the event at hand. If you hire a bad DJ that’s really cheap, then it will be obvious because they will make a lot of mistakes and people will be focusing on how terrible the music is instead of the marriage happening. You don’t have to deal with that as long as you make sure you look into each person. Don’t pay less just to save money if it’s going to end in a DJ that just makes a bunch of annoying mistakes.

Look for Reviews

Knowing about what to expect is easy if you find a review or two on the people that you want to work with. For the most part, reviews you can find on places like social media are good to look at but you can’t trust them all. It’s pretty easy for someone to tell their friends to review them or for them to pay other people to talk favorably about them. But, you can tell what’s fake and what isn’t by the amount of detail that went into the review. People that are paid won’t go over the pros and cons, they will just post general text.

Once you figure out which wedding DJ you want to hire, you can worry about other aspects of the wedding.

When looking into how to choose a wedding DJ, you need to think about how much of an influence they have on the event. A bad one can distract everyone from what is going on which is a bad thing on your special day!


Tips For Choosing A Wedding Photographer

When you’re trying to prepare for your wedding, there are a huge number of things you have to prepare. There’s everything from choosing and booking the venue to finding a caterer. It can be so stressful and cause all sorts of emotional breakdowns. So obviously, you want things to be as easy as possible.

Unfortunately, the subject of the wedding photographer is always one that’s especially stressful. This is because the wedding photographer is in control of almost all of your memories. It’s up to them to capture the moments that matter, to immortalize those special seconds that can occur at a major event such as a wedding.

So how do you make absolutely certain that you’re hiring the right wedding photographer? It can be a bit difficult, especially when you’re already stressed out. Luckily, as long as you keep your wits about you, you can manage.

Checking Google The Right Wayinternet-search-engine

One of the things you should do is go to Google, of course. Google is the first step for anyone who wants to find just about anything. However, what you absolutely should not do is simply type in the name of your hometown and “wedding photographer”. That’s not going to make things any easier on you.

Instead, consider several things before you start your search. What’s your budget for the photographer? What kind of pictures do you want? Do you want to make sure you have a DVD with your pictures on it, or will the physical pictures you get be enough? You’ll need to know these things when you try to hire a photographer in any case, so it’s a good idea to figure them out before you start searching.

Once you’ve figured them out, try searching for wedding photographers that have the things you want. Such as “wedding photographers who offer DVDs” or “wedding photographers under $300”. This will help you narrow down your search, which in turn will allow you to find what you need much more quickly.

chalkboard-question-markDon’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Stressed people don’t always make the best decisions. And it’s fairly common that stressed people don’t consider asking for help. So if you’re stressed out and thinking you need to plan everything yourself, stop doing that! That’s a certain way to end up on the path to an emotional breakdown. Those are never easy to deal with, and you should avoid them if you can!

Ask for help! If you have friends who’ve hired a wedding photographer, ask them if they would recommend them. If you have a friend who’s a professional photographer, ask them to do it! Make sure to offer them the appropriate market price for their services, however. Demanding your friend work for free is never respectful.

Ultimately, the goal of a wedding is to have a special event with family as you bond with your partner. But that doesn’t mean you’re willing for it to be shabby.

Just make sure to keep your head about you as you hire a photographer, and you’ll do fine.